Nervously aware that this is long overdue in terms of Web 2.0 (or is it 3.0 yet?) trends, I have decided to start blogging. With a long summer incoming, my hope is to blog with some consistency and variety, and hopefully the occasional tidbit of insight and clarity…and maybe some toilet jokes thrown in too for good luck. As for what topics I might cover, it will really depend but will probably reflect my rather mundane range of interests and hobbies. Expect video games, food and TV shows to feature heavily. Expect really inane discussions of petty, pedantic things because hey, who doesn’t like a pedant? But perhaps I’ll also do some more philosophical things. Got to put that philosophy degree to use after all, right? And current affairs too. And religion and politics and all those other things that are a bit of a faux pas to talk about in everyday discourse.


That’s why this blog is called the Universe of Discourse. A rather grandiose name for a rather small blog but hey, I opened up WordPress and realised I was probably in over my head so I thought it fitted. It’s a term used in philosophy to denote the elements involved in a logical argument. Kind of like a fancy word to use for ‘tags’, as I believe the blogspeak goes. And so each of my blog posts will cover a different topic, a topic chosen out of a proverbial hat, and hence I think it will be rather eclectic. The downfall of being a jack of all trades is not having a specialist topic to blog about.


Now it begins. 


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