A quick blog post today just to highlight a cool little online game called Geoguessr. The game utilises Google Map’s streetview and places you in a random location. Your goal is try to and pinpoint where exactly you are in the world. You can move around and look around as you would in Streetview. You get points for proximity to the actual location. There are five rounds and then you get a total overview of how you did.

Sometimes the game will drop you on a road in the middle of nowhere and there’s just various colours of dirt and shrubbery around with which to make your guess. Other times, you’ll be put in a city or a town and you have a bit more to work with. Little hint, but signs are your best friend in a game like this. You might get lucky and actually get a location name (though good luck recognising obscure towns) but more often than not, signs can just tell you what language the place speaks which can be useful. I can’t read Russian but if I see Cyrillic letters then at least I know which part of the world I’m in. Still, it can be misleading at times, and reading Spanish could mean you’re in Spain or somewhere in South America. I’ve sometimes gotten extremely lucky and found a flag which is super useful.

When my boyfriend and I played it, the thing that tripped us the most is distinguishing between North America and Australia. Usually this happened when we got placed on a random road in the middle of nowhere with only various coloured dirt and shrubbery to give us a clue.

What’s cool about this game though is just as a reminder how different parts of the world look. I know there are people who are huge fans of streetview and through this game, I can understand why. It’s really interesting to get a small snapshot into another location. Plus, it feels like this game has improved my geographic knowledge somewhat.

Whilst there aren’t any rules to the game, generally I think you should only really use the tools available to you in that particular window. Googling words or place names seems to me like cheating. But hey, you can play the game however you want.

The game also offers a timer option which sets you a time limit on guessing locations. It also has a really nifty challenge feature which generates a link that you can send to people so that all of you have the same five locations to find, making it a fair competition.

Anyway, here’s the best score I’ve managed so far, which was mostly luck because I happened to plop down a marker in Croatia which was super close.



Post your scores in the comments!


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