New Timetable for Posts

Just a short post today to outline my new timetable for posting. As delightful as posting daily updates to the blog have been, I think moving to a less frequent schedule is going to improve both the quality of the posts and allow me to write reviews on more recent content.

As much as I like writing about the enormous library of old DS games I’ve played, I’m not sure it’s really the stuff people want to read. Particularly with the Steam summer sale going on now, I need more time to actually play games which I’d like to review, and games that you guys are hopefully more interested in. Plus, keeping to the daily schedule is impacting the quality of my writing, and particularly because I don’t spend much time proof-reading, allowing lots of mistakes to creep in, which is really not ideal.

Overall then, moving to a new schedule is absolutely because of these great, justifiable reasons, and definitely not because I’m a lazy idiot who’s running out of ideas.

Therefore, from tomorrow onwards, I’m starting a new schedule. I will posting new content every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

And I wanted to take this opportunity just to say thanks to my regular readers and all you random lot that stumble upon my blog in such weird and wonderful ways. See you tomorrow!


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