On…World War Z (Book)


I’m suffering a bit of zombie fatigue to be honest. Nowadays, when I hear about a new zombie movie or video game, I just think, “This again?”. That’s what I thought when I heard about the new movie starring Brad Pitt called World War Z. Then I started hearing that the book was far superior to the movie, and that the book was, by all accounts, rather good. In a small Amazon book spending spree, I picked up this book, started reading it, and was thoroughly engrossed.

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On…Breaking Bad – Confessions (S05E11)



I think by now, my boyfriend (who is not caught up) has gotten used to me running in after an episode of Breaking Bad and saying, “Oh my god, shit went down.” In fairness, this episode wasn’t quite as unpredictable as the previous two, but it was just as volatile and just as gripping. What I especially noted in this episode though was the interplay between comedy and tragedy, the intersection between light and dark, and the intrusion of evil into normality.

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On…Mighty Quest for Epic Loot (Closed BETA)


A couple of weeks ago, I signed up on Ubisoft’s website to put into a draw to get a closed beta key for Mighty Quest for Epic Loot (from now on: MQ). Now, you can just buy into the beta at three price points (€10, €40 or €100) but as it’s ultimately going to be a free to play game, buying in seems a bit silly to me. I mean, you do get some bonuses such as getting more ‘blings’ (the in-game currency), extra inventory space, hero skins etc. but the price seems a bit steep in my opinion, particularly as it’s closed beta and the game is changing all the time. Anyway, you can do what I did and just put down your Ubisoft account details and wait patiently (and hope for some luck) for a key. There’s also giveaways which you can find online too if you’re really interested.

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On…Plants vs Zombies 2 (iOS)


In terms of core gameplay, not a whole lot has changed from the game’s first iteration. You still gather sunlight, use that to plant different varieties of interesting plants down, in order to combat the waves of zombies trying to meander across the game board grid to eat your brains. Now, the sequel has been released for iOS and it’s free to download and play. So what’s different in Plants vs Zombies 2 and are these differences better or worse?

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On…Breaking Bad – Buried (S05E10)


With last week’s tension-filled ending, it was clear that we are in for one exciting half-season. This episode was even more high-tension than the last, with the Schraders pitted against the Whites and the drug empire that Heisenberg left behind suffering a coup. My highlights of the episode were: Marie’s return to kleptomania; Todd’s scarily cheerful and gentlemanly veneer; and Jesse’s return to a catatonic state.

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On…Arrested Development


My main thought whilst watching Arrested Development was: I finally know where all the jokes on the internet come from. Pretty much, every other episode, I find myself going, “Wait, so that’s what that reference is?” or “Wait are they referencing that meme or did they create that meme?”. The show is just so quotable. I find myself using the quotes day in, day out. And I’m so behind, I’m just hopelessly years behind and I wonder, how did I live without this show?

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On…Breaking Bad – Blood Money (S5E9)


How long has it been? Breaking Bad’s season split has led to one of the most anticipated episodes of all time. The viewer numbers reflect that, with more than a 100% increase for this episode over the previous one. Is this episode though actually good enough to justify that? With spoilers aplenty, I’m going to look more in-depth into the episode, talk about what I liked and didn’t like, and also speculate on the rest of the season. It’s a bit of a different format than my regular, general blog posts so if you’re looking for a more general review, please see my Breaking Bad post here. Without further ado, let’s begin!

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