New Timetable for Posts

Just a short post today to outline my new timetable for posting. As delightful as posting daily updates to the blog have been, I think moving to a less frequent schedule is going to improve both the quality of the posts and allow me to write reviews on more recent content.

As much as I like writing about the enormous library of old DS games I’ve played, I’m not sure it’s really the stuff people want to read. Particularly with the Steam summer sale going on now, I need more time to actually play games which I’d like to review, and games that you guys are hopefully more interested in. Plus, keeping to the daily schedule is impacting the quality of my writing, and particularly because I don’t spend much time proof-reading, allowing lots of mistakes to creep in, which is really not ideal.

Overall then, moving to a new schedule is absolutely because of these great, justifiable reasons, and definitely not because I’m a lazy idiot who’s running out of ideas.

Therefore, from tomorrow onwards, I’m starting a new schedule. I will posting new content every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

And I wanted to take this opportunity just to say thanks to my regular readers and all you random lot that stumble upon my blog in such weird and wonderful ways. See you tomorrow!



This recent video featuring Katie Hopkins has gone viral and inspired outrage amongst those shocked by comments such as “A name, for me, is a short way of working out what class that child comes from. [And I can decide from that] do I want my child to play with them?”. The Independent’s poll has 91% of people disagreed with Hopkins and would not judge a child by their name. But I can’t help but wonder, is that actually true? Are we actually living in a society where 91% of people don’t make frivolous judgments over factors that an individual can’t help? I have to say, given the world we grow up in, I think that’s unlikely. I’m sure 91% of people will say that, but do they actually act like that? Now this isn’t a blog post sympathising with Katie Hopkins’ views: I still find them repugnant, atrocious and elitist. By no means am I endorsing Hopkins’ view that we should actively make our decisions about who our children’s friends are and who they can hang out with based on names – I think these are appalling things to do! But what Hopkins’ does is explicitly express what, I believe, a lot of people implicitly or subconsciously do. That is a significant difference, and I’m not saying that all people are as bad as Hopkins. What this blog post is going to be about is a missed opportunity by the media to discuss our implicit prejudices, including our prejudices about names, and the fact that a name can signal quite a bit about a person.

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A quick blog post today just to highlight a cool little online game called Geoguessr. The game utilises Google Map’s streetview and places you in a random location. Your goal is try to and pinpoint where exactly you are in the world. You can move around and look around as you would in Streetview. You get points for proximity to the actual location. There are five rounds and then you get a total overview of how you did.

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On…Wicked (musical)


I know I said I wouldn’t be updating during this week but having had some spare time, I’ve managed to write up this slightly shorter blog entry about Wicked. Warning now, there are spoilers in this post!

Last year, I had the chance to see Wicked at the Apollo Victoria Theatre with my roommate on cheap tickets as part of a ‘Get into London theatres’ promotion, which runs in January to try and fill up seats during the unpopular theatre season. So, I took that chance and I remember, I was dazzled by the comedy and the showmanship and overall, I thoroughly enjoyed myself. As it turns out, this year, I got the opportunity to go again as part of my work (I know, what a great job I have!) and I was so eager to watch it again. Once again, I enjoyed it, but I think on second viewings, you can take a much more objective look at a piece of entertainment and really analyse it and think about it, without the initial awe-value in place. Of course, there’s something to be said about the first time you watch something, and there is something special about the feelings that might invoke. But honestly, although I was astounded the first time by all its wit and comedy, the second time, I found it rather disappointing. You see, Wicked is a musical that I think is enjoyable but just not objectively very good. Its strongest point is the witty script and some of the darker themes which are hinted at, but these are overshadowed by its very pantomime-like performance, its dull and melodramatic musical score, the rather underwhelming choreography, the cheesy plot and the tacky stage set.

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Short Hiatus Notice!

This is just a post to say that I’m going on a short hiatus for about a week on this blog. Basically I’m working on a residential summer camp thing and I’m not sure how much downtime I’m getting. So I might do blog posts this week, but in all likelihood, I’m not going to have the time to do daily updates.

Anyway, regular daily updates will return in about a week’s time. Thank you to all my readers and all the people who’ve liked my posts, it’s a really cool experience and I hope you guys will return to my blog when it’s back in its normal routine.

On…Costume Quest (PC)


Look. I have to start this post off with an apology. It’s incredibly out of season. I realise it’s June, it’s summer, and the last thing on your mind is Halloween. But tough. This review is about Costume Quest, a game about Halloween, a game which I bought around Halloween last year. I could have saved this review for this year’s Halloween. But a lot of things could go wrong between now and then. Perhaps this blog runs out of steam and I’m not active by that time. Perhaps I’ll have a whole heap of games to review around Halloween and this little, cute game just falls between the cracks and doesn’t get the accolades it deserves. Or I’ll just forget. Probably that one, most of all. So, I’m sorry, but this post is about Costume Quest, a short and sweet RPG themed around Halloween trick or treating.

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On…The Sandman


I was first introduced to the works of celebrated fantasy-geek author Neil Gaiman in the form of the graphic novel series The Sandman. I have always loved the medium of comic books and graphic novels, and I think people get the wrong impression of them. Most people I know would be quick to dismiss them as either childish or far too nerdy for them. It is a shame that in the Western world, we have such an attitude to cartoon-drawn mediums as I think these prejudices prevent many from accessing a whole body of fascinating and unique literature. Graphic novels in particular are perfect for me (comic series are a bit more of a commitment for me) as I happen to be someone who finds it incredibly difficult to picture things in my mind. It takes an obscene amount of concentration for me to actually summon a coherent picture of something as I read. I know others have no problem imagining things visually, but I’ve always struggled. Hence, graphic novels essentially do that work for me. I love reading books but I rarely get a sense of the visual from them; I’m much more of a conceptual analysis type. I’m one of those weirdos who actually likes TV and movie adaptations of books and films (provided they’re at least semi-passable) because it brings a whole new dimension of life to the stories I love. So when I was first starting to get into graphic novels, The Sandman topped my list of recommendations and I bought up the first of the series of ten collected novels which collates the full run of the original comic series.

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