On…Animal Crossing: New Leaf


Wait, didn’t I already write about this? Well yes, but that was a first impression, and I did suggest I might return to it. Over a month later, I finally feel ready to talk about the game in more depth. I’m sure in six months’ time, I could delve even deeper into this game. Look at me, I make it sound like a really deep and complex game. It’s all very simple really.

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First Impressions On…Animal Crossing: New Leaf


So this morning I bounded downstairs to find my copy of Animal Crossing: New Leaf had arrived! I have been eagerly awaiting this game for months. I’ve played AC on the Gamecube, on the DS, and a little bit on the Wii, so I’ve long been a huge fan of the franchise. I know the games are largely the same, but I really don’t mind because it’s a simple, addicting formula and it’s a game I like to play regularly in short bursts. Anyway, this blog post will be about my first impressions on the game. First impressions meaning I’ve literally just picked it up and I can’t definitively give an in-depth review of it yet. So at the time of writing, I’ve played the game for about an hour, and established a few things (covered more below). Remember, this is not a definitive review, so please feel free to comment on my commentary!

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