On…Season 8 of Dexter


Overall, Dexter is a fantastic show with an interesting premise and brilliant characters who live in a slightly crazy but still believable world. It’s thoroughly entertaining, with moments of comic genius as well as moments of genuine human sentiment. Whilst the plot lines aren’t always flawless, the show is engaging enough to ignore some of the weaker plots. – On…Dexter, 11 Jul 2013

That’s what I wrote 3 months ago about Dexter. The reason I put this here is to serve as contrast to some of the comments I’m going to make about the last season of Dexter. I re-read my review of Dexter in preparation for this one, because I wanted to remember why I even watched the show in the first place. So let’s just put it out there: the final season of Dexter is just bad. Now that it’s finished, dressed all in plastic and dumped in the ocean, I can get all my vitriol out at once and forget about it. I hope. Spoilers abound obviously.

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