On…Plants vs Zombies 2 (iOS)


In terms of core gameplay, not a whole lot has changed from the game’s first iteration. You still gather sunlight, use that to plant different varieties of interesting plants down, in order to combat the waves of zombies trying to meander across the game board grid to eat your brains. Now, the sequel has been released for iOS and it’s free to download and play. So what’s different in Plants vs Zombies 2 and are these differences better or worse?

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On…Plants vs Zombies (PC)


Last Halloween, it was brought to my attention that I could download Plants vs Zombies on Steam for free. I followed the instructions, downloaded it, and fully expected it to sit on my harddrive forever and be untouched. Like most Steam users, I have amassed a substantial library of games I will probably never play but I keep on the off chance that one day the apocalypse will come and I won’t have anything to do except play through all those numerous games. I thought PvZ would one of those games. It didn’t seem like my kind of game at all. Cutesy and of the tower defence genre, it was very much one of those Facebook/iOS games which don’t take my fancy at all. But I was wrong…oh so wrong. And now with PvZ 2 coming out on iOS platforms soon, I thought it’d be good to talk about why this game surpasses the regular ilk of free tower defence flash games you get online and why I was so addicted to it last Halloween.

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