On…Breaking Bad – Felina (S05E16)


It’s all over. The finale of Breaking Bad met all my expectations and more. This is going to be a very long blog post because in a sense, I want to savour the ending as much as I can. The ending was tremendously satisfying, tied up all the loose ends, and didn’t end ambiguously. It felt like us fans got the closure we needed. As I watched this episode, I kept checking the time, counting it all down. 30 minutes left. 15. Will they wrap it all up? What’s going to happen? Breaking Bad kept me guessing and gripped all the way down to the very last second. And when that final cut to black came, I let out an enormous breath that I hadn’t even noticed I’d been holding. Here is how to end a show.

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On…Breaking Bad – To’hajiilee (S05E13)


Back to form for Breaking Bad this week after a slightly lackluster episode last week. Whilst things started somewhat slow, the end result was reasonably clever though not entirely satisfactory. What I particularly liked about this episode was its ability to completely influence and change the way I feel about the various characters. There was also some absolutely amazing cinematography in this episode with the shots of the desert looking particularly gorgeous as well as the scene in the car which was just fantastic.

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On…Breaking Bad


Hype is a fickle thing: it can destroy one’s appreciation of shows in ways which just aren’t justifiable. Breaking Bad is an incredibly hyped up show. Critically acclaimed and loved by TV connoisseurs, it was a show that I was hesitant to get into because I was scared it would not live up to its hype. But boy, not only did it live up to its praises, but it shattered all my expectations and is now clearly cemented as the best TV show of all time, in my opinion. Yes, it even usurped The Wire in my estimates.

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